Human-derived lactic acid bacteria with superior in absorption

Nano-sized lactic acid bacterium nEFR is the sterilized lactic acid bacteria which is derived from human (Enterococcus Faecalis). The aggregation of the lactic acid bacteria dispersed during the production of the sterilized lactic acid bacteria and the absorption rate of the lactic acid bacteria is improved by patented nano-processing method.

It contains 5 trillion bacteria per 1gram of product, from which we are able to intake high-quality and high-function with in a small amount of lactic acid bacteria powder.

Photo of nano-sized lactic acid bacterium

High concentrated powdered lactic bacteria is produced by the process for sterilization, concentration of only lactic acid bacteria and pulverization after cultivation of the lactic acid bacteria. But during pulverization process, cells of the lactic acid bacteria aggregates and become clumps. When dissolved in to water, it becomes a suspension containing various particle size of clamp of bacterial cells.

Nano-sized lactic acid bacteria is the lactic acid bacteria with which the particle diameter is less than 1 μm (micron) and which is dispersed individually when dissolved in water.

60% of the immune cells in the body are concentrated in small intestine. Nano-sized lactic acid bacteria easily pass through the immune system of Peyer’s patches in small intestine, it works on immunomodulatory function through gut immunity.

Peyer's patches works immune system