Introduction of raw materials

Characteristics of plant-origin Nano-sized lactic acid bacterium SNK

•Originally found in traditional lactic acid bacteria-fermented food, “Sunki-pickles”.
•A large number of SNK bacteria can be ingested at low dose. (More than 2 trillion lactic acid bacteria/g)
•Superior balance of cytokine production between IL-12 and INF-α.
•Because of the sterilized lactic acid bacteria, they show high stability towards gastric acid and heat and are suitable for a wide range of applications.
•Was patented as a Th1 inducer and its production method (November,2010)

■Product specification etc.

Product name: Plant-origin Nano-particled(Pro)-Biogenics immunophilus SNK
※Plant-origin Nano-sized lactic acid bacterium SNK

Strain name: Lactobacillus plantarum
Country of origin: Japan
Appearance: Pale yellowish-white powder
Solubility: Water-insoluble is disperse in Water
Genetically modified: No used
Storage temperature: Below 20℃
Shipping unit (packaging): 1kg

■Safety studies

•Acute toxicity test
•Residual pesticide test