Introduction of raw materials

We supply the shredded tea leaf material and the alcohol extract powder named “Palotierra” as a raw material using Palo Azul.
“Palotierra” is a registered trademark of IHM Co., Ltd.
Product applications include tablets, capsules, granules, beverages, confectionery and general food applications.
Palo Azul processed into tea leaves and extracts

Product specification etc.

Product name
For tea: Shredded Palo azul (roasted and sterilized)
Extra powder raw materials: PALOTIERRARSG (Palo azul extract powder with hydrous alcohol)
Country of origin: Republic of Paraguay
For tea: Light brown-colored shreds with a characteristic odor
Extra powder raw materials: Light yellow-colored powder with a specific odor and salty taste
Recommended daily intake
For tea: 3g / Extra powder raw materials: 300-600mg
Shipping unit (packaging)
For tea: 1kg / Extra powder raw materials: 1kg

Safety studies (Tests conducted in Japan)

窶「Acute oral toxicity test 窶「Repeated dose 90-day toxicity study 窶「Mutagenicity test 窶「Residual pesticide 窶「Heavy metal 窶「Bacteria 窶「Moulds 窶「Yeasts, etc.