Introduction of raw materials

Raw material specification etc.

<Liquid type>

Plasmalogen content: 竕・12.5%
Raw material properties: Yellowish brown viscous liquid type of oil
Raw material shipping unit (packaging): 100g
Storage method: Store at竕、-15℃ (frozen delivery)
Expiration date: 3 years from date of manufacture (inclusive) (if unopened)

<Powder type>

Plasmalogen content: 竕・3%
Raw material properties: Light yellow powder
Raw material shipping unit (packaging): 500g
Storage method: Store at normal temperature
Expiration date: 2 year from date of manufacture (inclusive) (if unopened)

Safety test

Acute toxicity test, 90-day repeated dose study, chromosomal aberration test

Patent information (JP)

<Substance patent>

窶「Cerebral nerve cell neogenesis agent: 6016363
窶「Anti-central nervous system in inflammatory agent: 5847086窶「Learning and memory enhancing agent: 6207545

<Patented manufacturing process>

窶「Functional ingredient obtained from chicken breast meat and the production method: 5483846

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